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An everyday occupation traditionally carried out that month. In the borders of this page, children are shown playing with hobby horses and pinwheels.

It was also common to include and image of each month's sign of the zodiac. They illustrated information in the text, and expanded upon it.

Some medieval calendars received lavish illustration. In this highly decorated calendar page for the month of June, the red letter days correspond to the scenes in the border.

For example, this feast day celebrates the Nativity of John the Baptist.

"There is literary evidence from the 13th and 14th centuries which mentions that porpoise was definitely eaten at that time," De Jersey said.

"And the implication is that it wasn't eaten fresh, so there must have been some way to preserve it, by drying it or salting it in some way," he added.

Here a picture of a crab represents the sign of cancer. Images such as the labors of the month showed the viewer that specific tasks were completed according to the season.

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"Putting an animal like this in there is just unheard of really, so perhaps that all points to it not being a grave." Another possibility is that the animal was butchered for food, then packed with salt as a form of preservation and buried in the pit, he said.Archaeologists excavating a medieval site on a tiny islet in the English Channel were baffled by the discovery of a dolphin skeleton in what appears to be a carefully prepared grave.The researchers first thought they had discovered a human grave, cut into the bedrock of the islet of Chapelle Dom Hue, about 900 feet (300 meters) off the west coast of Guernsey, one of the largest Channel Islands.For those who could decipher it, the medieval calendar was a map of the Church Year. The Roman numerals that you see in this column were called the Golden Numbers. Each letter always represents the same day of the week, Sunday through Monday.

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These numbers helped the reader determine the phases of the moon. Until the late Middle Ages, people used the same calendar system that the ancient Romans used.The illustration shows his mother, Saint Elizabeth, just after giving birth to her son.

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