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Male grooming around this time expanded beyond the daily shaving routine to encompass facials, manicures and pedicures as well as removing body hair.British footballer and style icon David Beckham represented this trend with this carefully groomed looks and smooth-chested photo on the cover of fashion magazine . Soon, good looking and impeccably well groomed men began to be seen and heard who weren’t ashamed to admit they get their facials and pedicures, love shopping and in Beckham’s case, like to wear his wife’s underwear.Again some women may find a hairy chest really sexy in probably a caveman kind of way and the thought of running their fingers through all that thick foliage may send shivers through their spine.On the other hand some may find body hair way too gross and like the male chest to be smooth as sported by the metrosexual man.

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They could obsess over the color of their highlights and whether their Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses weren’t dated as of yet.

I only learned later in life that sensitivity and understanding only requiredthe skills of patience and understanding without having to change myself or be different than who I am.