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Carly and Sam had the viewers vote on whether she and Spencer should make up or break up, and the audience agreed that they should indeed break up. Ackerman had revealed that, for the Pear Pod she gave Spencer as a gift, she (illegally) downloaded 500 songs from a music sharing website.Carly made sure that the FBI were watching, and the next day, at school, she was arrested. Following the events of "i OMG", where Sam kisses Freddie, she disappears for three days.Carly's knowledge of Sam's cell-phone password and the use of cell-phone-tracking software reveal that Sam has checked herself into a mental hospital.Jerry Trainor co-stars as Carly's older brother Spencer, and Noah Munck co-stars as Gibby.This season had the specials "i Lost My Mind", "i Date Sam & Freddie", "i Bloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo", "i Still Psycho, and "i Meet the First Lady".After one of her nasty break-ups, she yelled at her students and forced them to do 10 to 15-page essays on subjects she never discussed in class. She offered the class caramel apples, and even invited them to go ice skating with her.

In late January 2011, while doing press for her North American Dancing Crazy concert tour, Miranda Cosgrove began telling news sources that she was looking forward to returning to Hollywood to begin filming a 5th season of i Carly.Lauren Ackerman is the former History teacher at Ridgeway Middle School seen in i Have a Lovesick Teacher.