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New music put on to us by friends, family or found while touring the world.

Drew Lustman aka Falty DL was born and grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. Releasing music for Planet Mu, Ramp, Rush Hour, 50 Weapons, Hemlock, Swamp81, his own Blueberry Records imprint and, of course, Ninja Tune, he has recorded 6 albums (Love Is A Liability, You Stand Uncertain, Hardcourage, In The Wild, The Crystal Cowboy) and his most recent Heaven is for Quitters.

He has also toured with James Blake; opened for Radiohead; and remixed for the likes of Seun Kuti, Photek, The xx and Disclosure.

The first hour of the show is dedicated to a theme or music genre with absolutely no boundaries ("soul and jazz protest songs", "is 1983 the best year for Italo Disco?

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", "80s Japanese music"...) while the second hour is a mix of new and upcoming electronic music from all around the world.

If you and I were the last men on earth, I bet we could do it in public. I go in for sports regularly and like to watch different films in the evenings. You can choose your favorite "nickface", and you can totally hide your identity in live video chat or disguise your voice using a "nickvoice" to match with any nickname you use online.