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This potentially catastrophic event (probably several events) occurred well before humans began using the shelter.We know this because none of the cultural zones appear to continue under the rock fall, but instead butt up against the rocks.Behind the fallen roof blocks, the floor of the shelter slopes toward the back or rear of the shelter, an unusual configuration.The floor of the shelter varies from less than 80 feet wide to more than 200 feet in the middle of the shelter.The contour lines are shown only for the parts of the shelter that had buried deposits; the stippled roof blocks at the front of the shelter jut up from the "floor" as can be seen in the photographs.

If you don't have the time or interest for the details, you might want to read the first part and take a look at some of the photographs and the map or just Explore Bonfire.

It is not known whether he reached bedrock or a large boulder.

In any case, the deepest known deposits consist of stream-rolled gravels, suggesting that the shelter was periodically flooded prior to the formation of the site's earliest known bone beds.

The exposed bones to his left at head level are part of Bone Bed 3 where the burning stops short of the shelter wall.

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The Fiber Layer is visible above Bone Bed 3 as a dark lens in the excavation wall. This section contains a fairly detailed description of Bonfire Shelter's deposits as well as information about the site's radiocarbon dates.

Mott Davis examines Bone Bed 2 near rear of shelter at south end.

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