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06-Aug-2017 23:18

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Next, consider your typical dating behavior before you married.

If you tended to cycle through lovers, wait at least a year before you involve your children, so as not to encourage an attachment that will be transitory.

The most appropriate role for your boyfriend or girlfriend to have in your children’s lives is that of loving witness.

In this role, your significant other can talk with, play with, and get to know your children.

The introduction of a boyfriend or a girlfriend should happen within a stage of the relationship that is neither too soon after meeting, nor too close to a more formal step, such as living together.

There are many variables to consider in terms of timing.

Children, meanwhile, may hold onto the fantasy of their parents getting back together for years after the initial separation.

Being a conscientious parent means waiting until you know your boy/girlfriend well enough to warrant including him or her in your child’s life.

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