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27-Nov-2016 23:21

Still, police tell us the suspect somehow manged to flee the scene.

According to XXX, his attacker got past 12 security guards to get to him -- which, to him, means there's no point in paying more people to protect him. At the time we spoke to him, XXX thought that person was the attacker.

and XXX believes there's NO reason to hire more bodyguards.

We spoke to him Thursday after the brutal cheap shot.

Mother Teresa once said of herself, “By blood and origin, I am all Albanian. (Patricia Datchuck Sánchez) : Since Jesus, in today's Gospel, sums up the Law of God in a formula of loving God and loving others, the passage chosen from Exodus prepares us for this message.

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First Thessalonians is the earliest letter we have from Saint Paul.[This expectation faded over the years during which the New Testament Scriptures were composed].