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A solid foundation of first impressions, Structured walls of growth and development.

Insulation of natural feelings and experiences, Ventilation to cool down the heated encounters.

Anticipating the Meeting Looking for the sun to shine again Longing to feel the tingles that come with a touch Seeking the security of being in arms tightly tucked Imagining the passion of your kiss Wanting to feel a belonging Needing to be needed Desiring forever Waiting for you to come to my door Dreaming of the magic once more I'm in love with someone's daughter living in the shards of a broken home Cutting herself on two year-old letters These are moments she can't fake; reasons to feel alone So used to abuse, her tears start to shake I hold her close as her head starts to ache "I love you too much, so I can't let your heart break."She said, "I know you love me, but you've made a mistake."I never meant for anyone to be my pulse.

I promise not to step on your feetif you teach me how to waltz.

The poem tells of a shotgun wedding between two brooms, which dissolves into a sordid tale of extra- pre-marital sex and betrayal.

Paul Curtis Two brooms where wed And when “I do’s” were said The lady broom disclosed The reason for her clothes Of generous flatter And the fact of the matter.

And yes, there's an amusing little twist to end proceedings.

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A humble pack of playing cards Conceals a secret meaning Where the suits at least warn Of a chilling outcome of marrying First a Heart for him to love you Next a Diamond to marry them Thirdly a Club to bludgeon him And finally a Spade to bury them Permalink When I first met my lady All was well with life But she soon tried to change me Once she became my wife She told me I must save money And my drinking days were over But she would still go out Spending a mint on a make over I complained about giving up beer While she wasted cash so readily She said she spent the money In order to look pretty for me I said that before I gave it up That was what the beer was for Somehow I don’t think she’ll return By the way she slammed the door Permalink before, but it's meaning is perfectly apparent from the absolute flap doodle that this suitor is in as he contemplates asking for the hand of the one he loves.It doesn't matter to whom they confess and you choose what happens afterwards. Deadline: Dec 6th Write a story that starts with this sentence: Cash Prize. But you can write about life with the option to create and fabricate and to make sense of a life, or part of that life. The first line has 1 syllable, the second line has 5 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables, and the last line has 9 syllables. All writing welcomed including fiction and non-fiction. Write a short story, 1000 word minimum, that includes a scene with the characters dining in a restaurant. The dining scene should advance the story by making the reader wonder what happens next. The Minute Poem is rhyming verse form consisting of 12 lines of 60 syllables written in strict iambic meter. Deadline: Dec 8th Write a Minute poem for this contest. The poem is formatted into 3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables. See an example and more details in the announcement. Deadline: In 3 Days Write a story about a guy who deserves or doesn't deserve to be curse to change at the light of the full moon into a woman....

Deadline: In 2 Days A poem containing "Thank you" either Rhyming or not Deadline: In 2 Days Write a story the brings two people together, two people who don't necessarily realize that they belong together but the audience is rooting for them. Deadline: In 3 Days Write a poem of a somewhat vulnerable character against a powerful character - in the vein of David vs Goliath. Deadline: Nov 19th For this contest you are challenged to write a ABC poem. Deadline: Nov 20th Write a new book in three months.

However, please do not submit an actual David and Goliath poem. Since it would be too easy to have the powerful one squash the underdog, the little guy has to win in the end. At some point, the fictional character must meet the creator. ABC poetry has five lines and often is used to express feelings. Deadline: Nov 21st Is there an ad or commercial that really annoys you?

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