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There's a ton of geospatial data out there waiting to be mined and analyzed by new developers.

We hope this post is a good starting point for working with geospatial data in Mongo DB.

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Many languages have native libraries that make working with Geo JSON data easier.

If you query for legacy coordinate pairs, specify $max Distance in radians.As a workaround, we suggest converting CSVs into JSON, which is the best format for importing geospatial data. An aspect of Geo JSON that is easy to overlook when getting started is the proper formatting of polygons: the last coordinate pair provided should be the same as the first, to create a closed shape.For more information about how to format polygons, refer to the Geo JSON Polygon and Linear Ring documentation.Using a geospatial (2d) index, these points were queried in two ways: As of Mongo DB 2.4, geospatial queries no longer use Mongo DB-specific shape operators like $box or $polygon as part of geospatial queries.

While you can still store and query legacy coordinate pairs, geospatial queries now make use of Geo JSON.

In general: You can have multiple geospatial indexes per collection unless you're making use of the geo Near database command and/or the $geo Near aggregation pipeline operator. The mongoimport tool doesn't support rich data like arrays and nested documents.

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