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30-Jun-2016 03:27

If you are reading this in the fall, or even December it's a good time to think about how you can save money on your business taxes by timing income and expenses. Many businesses have found that they can minimize business taxes year-to-year by considering carefully when to make payments to increase expenses and tax deductions and push receipts to create income at the end of the tax year.

For example, this year I am pushing expenses into this year and income into next year. In general, you want to move income into a year of lower taxes and expenses into a year of higher taxes, but this is a big over-simplification.

The usual request is on an order where the product is out of stock, and will not come into stock until after the end of the desired month.

An invoice/receipt is requested in the desired month and customers are even prepared to pay early.

If a paycheck is dated in December, that is the year the employee is considered to have received the pay, even if the paycheck hasn't been picked up yet.

Sometimes, paychecks reflect income from two years; the last week in December and the first week in January, for example.

Once all exceptions are resolved, the invoice will be cleared for payment.

But, if the employee had access to the wages in the first year "without substantial limitation or restriction" (remember constructive receipt), even if the check was dated in the second year, all of the money is considered to have been received in the first year.but under accrual accounting, you would count this amount as having been received.For the most part, there's not much you can do to change the year for transactions in cash accounting, but there are some ways to change the year for accrual transactions.Unfortunately, for both offline and online buyers, this is not possible.

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Our system is completely automated and the production of an invoice/receipt is generated when products are allocated and then shipped. Because of this, neither can we amend historical invoice details.

It's certainly appropriate to use a credit card to make those end-of-year payments.

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