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When all 7 balls on your side are potted, the 8 ball is the final ball.

If the 8 ball is potted before that players colors have been potted, they lose.

If you are considering boosting some or all of the multiplayer trophies, which is highly recommended at this point in time due to the lack of activity on the Grand Theft Auto IV servers, or would like more detailed information about the online portion of the game then please refer to Prof Bambam55's Multiplayer Trophy Guide.

This is a modern, ultimate, in-depth guide for obtaining all the Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer trophies.

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Please be forewarned that a great deal of patience, persistence, skill, and luck will all be assets in unlocking them this way.So be sure to load a save game to erase all cheats.By completing all the above steps, you should already have this trophy.Just follow the route on your GPS and the mission will end with a cutscene showing the apartment and useful info about it. Or against Jacob if you want a challenge, he is quite good at pool. There are 15 balls (14 colored; 7 striped, and 7 solid) then there is the black 8 ball.

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If your opponent pots a stripe, you are then by default solids, and it works the other way around if you hit first or the other color ball.

Simply go through all the missions making the right choices to ensure you gain all character/story related trophies.