Radiometric dating has determined that earth is approximately love falls category romance dating

17-Jul-2017 09:22

(Image credit: NASA, image AS16-3021) Our wondrous satellite has been on our minds recently here at Armagh Planetarium.Did you know that there is a pretty major conspiracy theory out there about our Moon?The Moon’s core differs from the Earth’s by having a partially molten boundary layer.This layer is estimated to have a radius of 300 miles.It was claimed that the Moon rang like a bell for roughly an hour.

This theory takes the concept of a hollow moon one step further into pure science fiction territory.To conclude this look into the hollow Moon theories, it is relevant to say from looking at the facts of how the moon is made up that it is probably most likely to be a solid celestial body.Hollow Moon theory can be safely join the in the “silly space ideas bin”.How was this research conducted to gather this information?

By using state of the art seismological techniques and applying this to the same data taken from the first lunar landings, NASA was able to make these discoveries.

The Moon will always play a large role when it comes to Earth and it will still be the inspiration for many science fiction masterpieces.

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