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06-Aug-2016 19:30

Someone asked me recently why I named my company "Betty Rocker" and why I use that name.

Growing up I got called "Punk Rock Betty Crocker" a lot, but I actually chose "Betty Rocker" for a different reason.

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I never thought I'd write a book about healthy eating, but after Whole Foods market contacted me a year into my blog because a store employee credited me for her remarkable weight loss (she lost 50 pounds), I got really serious about learning and sharing the concepts I had been applying to my cooking that had made such an impact on my own health. Reducing your intake of gluten - and other tough to digest proteins - can have a big impact on your waistline, your energy levels and your ability to digest food and break down fat..MORE IMPORTANTLY, learning to properly prepare your food is what will have the biggest effect. Whole grains can actually cause digestive issues when improperly prepared.

To utilize all of the nutrients they contain, simply prepare them in a way that imitates Nature’s process – with a little warmth, time, and slight acidity by soaking, sprouting or fermenting them.