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I had it go the other way for me, where I asked someone for an autograph as a kid and they didn’t give it to me.

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“I had an operation in December to remove all the metalwork in my back, and everything is good, the surgeon is happy with it.

“I was back in the gym training three weeks after the op, I am feeling good and we are already making changes to the bike to make it more aggressive.” “He added: “I think injuries do affect you mentally, and any rider that says otherwise is lying, but I have done it (been injured) that many times, I have probably done it in my sleep.

“I must use between six and nine balls a round, and every time I need a new one, I look for a young kid in the crowd in between holes to give it.

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“The last two years have probably been the worst for me, from an injury point-of-view,” said Darwin-born Schlein, who will be riding at Foxhall on Saturday as the Witches start their Championship campaign against Sheffield (tapes up 7.45pm and kids go free).

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Mc Ilroy, the 28-year-old four-time major winner from County Down, explained why he always tries to sign autographs after Keane refused him the same privilege years ago.

A video of Mc Ilroy handing a ball to a wide-eyed boy at the British Masters has gone viral.

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