Rules on dating a married man

02-Nov-2016 16:50

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That’s when the entanglement begins because the relationship will have to go “underground.”Perpetual casanova These are the kinds of men who are drowning in macho-ism and they feel that they’re nothing if they can’t prove their charm and sex appeal at every opportunity.

Their mindset is still focused on pre-historic times when males needed to hunt and look for prey; if there’s a willing victim, why pass up the chance?

He won’t give you his home number (“call me on my cell”), tell you where he works (in case you decide to drop by for a surprise visit) or give you his real e-mail address.

Instead he’ll give you a generic e-mail address like yahoo or hotmail.

They felt compelled to include this chapter because they wanted to “smash any delusions (women) might have about a fantasy relationship.” They refer to professional relationships women have with their doctors, lawyers and accountants.

They add, “unless he asks to spend time with you in a non-professional capacity, a relationship beyond business does not exist – and girls shouldn’t waste their time on non-existent relationships.” If a married doctor says, “call me anytime”, he’s not out to have a romantic affair with you.

), he will try to find these elsewhere if his wife is no longer capable of providing them.While they did not specifically address dating married men, the situations they cite as examples come close to it.Women, they say, have a strange tendency to interpret attention as interest, or to conclude that a man is romantically interested when he shows the slightest attention.A smart woman, however, should be able to tell, especially if she’s been going out with him for a few weeks. “It’s your cell” Married men will either keep their cell phones off while on a date, or will excuse themselves when it rings and say, “a client from out of town…” “Let’s meet at your place” Did you ever wonder why he’s always at your place but has never invited you to his?

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“You’re so vague…” A married man can’t afford to divulge too much about himself.Variety’s the spice of life These are the men who made a lifetime commitment and intend on honoring that commitment, but who’s to stop them from having something different once in awhile?

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