Rules post dating bank checks

02-Aug-2016 23:01

According to Article 4-404 of the Uniform Commercial Code, a bank is not obligated to pay a check out of a customer's account when that check is more than six months old based on the date written on the check.Although banks are not obligated to pay a check, they are permitted to do so.Businesses write checks to vendors and suppliers, independent contractors, landlords and utility companies.Occasionally, one or more of those checks may go uncashed for a long time. Banks won't necessarily reject any check because of the date on it. of Cleveland, that you did not address the issue of the check in question being over six months old when it was cashed. I used to work as a teller in a couple of states where it was indeed true that after six months, the check was no longer valid and would need to be reissued. G., Cleveland A: There is no federal banking law about stale checks that indicates checks with certain dates aren't good.This substitute check contains all the information from the front and back of the original check and is considered a legal equivalent of the original.

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Each bank could have its own policy on dates; you should ask your bank if you're interested.Although banks do not have to honor checks that are more than six months old, they often do.