Sandra bullock and bill pullman dating

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When picture is actually taken, she uses a flat type(110 size film) camera with a tall flash on it.Add time In the scene where Jack comes home and sees Lucy asleep on the front couch, when he walks in the front door, there is a window in the door without a curtain.In the morning when Lucy goes to leave the house, the window has a curtain on it.When there isn't a curtain, you can still see the little metal things on the door where the curtain would hook in.

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and the undertaker dating

When Lucy lets them through the turnstile, the man has changed into a woman.

Add time When Lucy is talking to Mary through the booth window, there are bars across the window.

But at the end of the movie, when she is again talking to Jack through the window, while his family look on, there are no bars across the window.

Add time When Lucy and Jack are moving the couch into Peter's apartment, Lucy gets bumped and falls into a table, knocking over a vase of flowers.

(This table and vase are located directly below a mask on the wall.) Earlier in the film, when Lucy enters Peter's apartment for the first time (to feed the cat) we see her slowly entering the living room in the same area where she later falls - the mask is there, but the table and vase of flowers are not.And so, of course While You Were Sleeping has since become my all time favourite Stalker Rom-Com – a genre which wholeheartedly deserves it’s own sub-category on Netflix alone. It’ll come as a surprise to nobody to learn that this movie was initially written with a dude in mind for Sandy Bullock’s character, and a woman in the role as the comatose, submissive wife-to-be.

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