Sex dating in zimbabwe

14-Oct-2016 19:51

Why use Mubobobo Sibanda’s paper puts forth a wide variety of reasons why mubobobo magic is practiced.For some, it was done as a habit () and also out of ruchiva or lust for a particular person in the village who could not be attained through normal means for a sexual encounter.As such one could not lose virginity or contract HIV because there is no physical contact. The belief and supposed practice of Mubobobo is most common in Zimbabwe, especially in Masvingo province.It is thought to have originated from neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi.At times if a man’s love proposals are turned down, some men regard mubobobo as an alternative means of revenge.Mubobobo is also used for a wide variety of economic reasons, ranging from a desire to increase crop and livestock production through divisi or charm for producing bumper harvest to enhancing business ventures.For Masceline, the need to put food on the table for her family means she will continue renting out her body.“Everything I face here is better than going hungry or watching my baby sister drop out of school,” she says hurriedly, as a potential client approaches.

(Jobs of any kind are scarce thanks to Robert Mugabe’s disastrous management of the economy.) Some veterans have responded by hiring thugs to protect their turf.In return, the men can have sex whenever they want.“We have no option,” says Ms Mikorasi, her muscles flexing as she pulls down her miniskirt. These little girls are pushing us out of business.” Malaika Chatyoka, a 37-year-old, complains that the fee she can charge has slumped from for 30 minutes to as little as on some nights. Now it’s free-for-all,” says 25-year-old Sazini Ngwenya from Bulawayo.In the other situation, the symbolic objects can manifest as meaning witch or animal familiars such as snakes, lizards or zvikwambo (goblins) to perform their mubobobo magic.

Phallic symbolic objects also feature under the nature of mubobobo.In addition, mubobobo is used by people who are shy to propose love to women so that they can satisfy their sexual desire without having to say a word to women they want.