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These lofty traits exist on a national level as well.

The Torah tells us of entire groups of women who rose above the fray and refrained from two major sins which befell the Jewish men during the journey in the desert.

(Talmud – Sotah 12b) To her credit, from here the great Moses was born.

We see Miriam’s foresight and confidence in confronting her father, and convincing him to abandon what would be tantamount to national suicide.

Insight into Human Nature Interestingly, as harsh as Sarah appears in her confrontation with Avraham, the Midrash also accentuates her diplomatic ability to have a "good," peaceful argument.

Rivka realized, as did her predecessor, Sarah, that in order to carry out Jewish destiny in the long term, some immediate action must be taken.As a young girl, Miriam witnessed the terrible tragedies of Egyptian slavery and the deaths of many Jewish infants through Pharaoh's decree.