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A small region along the southeast China coastline, Xiapu nevertheless has the largest mudflat in the country, encompassing 40 square kilometers and more than 400 kilometers of coastline.Along its tiger-striped beaches, bamboo structures and poles, buoys and fishing vessels provide human counterpoints to the area's natural beauty.Bamboo raft drifting in the Nine Bend River (lower gorge) is a popular activity among visitors.The two-hour, eight-kilometer trips provide grand views of Mount Wuyi.It's the best way to take in the serene beauty of the smooth peaks and clear water.

When the Chinese long for views of the nation's most scenic hills and rivers, they book a bamboo-boat cruise in Yangshuo.The nearest hub of Xiapu Mudflat is Fuzhou, provincial capital of Fujian. Major cities connected to Fuzhou Airport by direct flights include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an.