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While dating a Scorpion, make sure that you don’t angry them, as you would never like to see their angry phase.

Kareena want's to give everybody the award because she's only interested in rewards, just like Akshay Kumar! Sonam chooses Priyanka over Deepika, "If someone asks me whether Priyanka or Deepika, who do you think is the better actor-my statement they're both great actors, but I prefer Priyanka. I have too much going on in my life to be making statements about other people!

" On Ranveer: "That he's becoming very boring, and calm" Deepika: "She has quite a few rumours!

Karan tries to grill Kareena about her Airport style looks, but Bebo was absolutely not having it: "LISTEN my airport looks are better than yours, Karan! "Pregnant stalker" (Karan's words, not ours), Kareena Kapoor (with Ranbir Kapoor) are the biggest ' ever. My husband (Saif) is like..are either on the phone with Poonam (her manager) or Karan, or my sister! When you are in a relationship with a Scorpion, never try to hide things, because sooner or later, they will definitely find out what you are hiding.For Scorpions, honesty is the most important thing in a relationship as it is how they get to know the real you.Scorpions have a controlled nature and try to maintain calm and cool.

However, when things go out of their hand, they erupt like a volcano.

At times, they even get jealous and consider the other person as a potential threat to their relationship. They have amazing perception skills and traits of a detective.

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