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14-Nov-2017 00:10

Not only do you get to pre-screen women – maybe you want to make sure she doesn’t smoke, say or has a deep and abiding love of want.

Others are trying to put their best face forward and meet some standard of how women are “supposed” to be. well look, some people are just plain crazy and there’s not really much you can do there besides dodge flying crockery. Girls on the whole tend to be more familiar with how they come across in photos and use it to great effect. She’s trying to give a specific impression on you, the viewer; this is how she to be seen, not necessarily how she is.

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Also, beware the pseudo-nudes or profiles that mostly feature the girl in bikinis or underwear. Geekier or indie/punk girls will usually have unusual names or nicknames, frequently ones that tie into their interests.

Swipe left or swipe right, and within seconds you can find yourself connected to your crush of the week, or a "nightmare dressed like a daydream." Or worse. It's a Tinder epidemic, since guys do essentially swipe right "at everything," it could take hours, days, months for Mike, 27 to shoot you a "hey" or "sup," (tragic, I know).

As a hopeless romantic, I decided to make the first move, with a little help from fellow hopeless romantic, Taylor Swift.

Descriptive names are safe indicators of women who crave attention. This is your next clue as to a woman’s true self isn’t just what she says but indicators of low maturity and high drama.

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“Pretty_Jessie” is frequently a warning sign reading “High Maintenance”. They are frequently the hallmark of the party girl, and dating her will mean you are in for long nights downtown, lots of girly flavored shots, high-pitched squealing and the emotional equivalent of Mr. Longer profiles are indicators of someone who isn’t just intelligent, but actually has an inner life.

This is because either A) they honestly believe this – a warning sign – or B) they don’t want to come out and say “tits”.

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