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Many have finger impressions on the handle, some of them personal stamps with the words "for the king." Likewise, seals for official documents, used as amulets and good-luck charms, date to the period. Finding a seal is also very exciting." For the Fortress of Elah dig, Klingbeil says, the seals have helped corroborate the time period because they "can tell you a lot about the date and the religion of the time period." An ostracon, or a broken piece of a storage jar with writing, may have been the dig's top archaeological find."They're our smallest artifacts but ones were most excited about," Hasel says. Klingbeil, professor of biblical studies and archaeology at Southern Adventist, says seals are like passports. The piece -- a reproduction is in the Lynn Wood Museum temporary exhibit at Southern Adventist -- has five lines of Hebrew writing.Many activities prohibited by Southern’s Sexual Misconduct Policy are unlawful, and all are antithetical to the mission of the university.Therefore, Southern takes reasonable and appropriate remedial action to prevent sexual misconduct; to eliminate any hostile environment, including retaliation; to prevent its recurrence; and to correct its discriminatory effects on the Complainant and others, if applicable.The mission of the Online Campus is two fold: Support is configured across campus in a way that parallels best practice by being team-based, collaborative, comprehensive, and action-oriented.An array of services such as faculty development for academic technologies, e Class support, media asset creation, and centralized administrative support for online programs are offered.Other than Jerusalem, no other Judean fortress city has been found to have two gates, he says.

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With evidence from continued research and application, our team works with professors to identify and implement best practices for the integration of technology and to enhance the learning experience with the goal of impacting teaching and learning both in the traditional classroom and online.Each trip includes 50 to 60 archaeology students, general-education students and staff and runs six weeks in the summer."We've been very privileged to be included in it," says Justo Morales, museum coordinator.• Exhibit: "The Battle Over King David: Excavating the Fortress of Elah," artifacts from the National Treasures of Israel, through April 2014 • Where: Lynn H. • Information: 423-236-2030 or • Lecture: "Sanctuary and Cult at Khirbet Qeiyafa" by Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Yosef Garfinke • When: Feb. What was uncovered, according to Southern Adventist University Institute of Archaeology Director Dr.

Wood Archaeological Museum at Southern Adventist University, Collegedale • Hours: 9 a.m.-noon & 1-5 p.m. Michael Hasel, dates the site to the time of "one of the most famous" stories in the Bible, the battle between young David and the Philistine Goliath."It's significant," he said, because experts had "seen no evidence of writing" in Hebrew prior to this.