Stay safe internet dating

22-Jun-2017 05:20

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Maybe they won’t tell you much about themselves but ask you a ton of questions, or perhaps they’ve declared their undying love you before you’ve even met.If it feels weird, chances are something’s not what it seems.Stay in the app It’s safer to keep using the messaging function within the dating app or site until you feel you have met and can trust them.

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stay safe internet dating-26

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And if you’re really not sure, run it by a friend that you trust to get some advice.And it's not hard to understand why – it’s an instantaneous, low-effort way to flirt and meet new people and we probably all know someone who met a partner online.In fact - it’s how a quarter of us will meet our other half.That can be a great way to suss them out in advance. It's totally sensible and they’re probably doing the same to you.

Trust your gut Just like when you meet someone face-to-face, your instincts will tell you if something’s not quite right.

Never meet at their house or invite them to yours and make sure it’s a place where there are lots of people around and ideally - where you have phone signal.