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Adam – Keane’s manager – also added that you should see music distribution as part of the overall marketing of your band- more people listening means more tickets and t-shirts sold (bands have started selling their own craft beers at gigs as a revenue stream to compensate for diminishing music sales).

Reassuringly, Tim said he couldn’t remember a single thing from his degree but was still able to sell 10 millions records.

However, you think about it everything becomes clear.

Hot girls get asked out by guys all of the time, and if you don’t stand out there’s another guy who’s going to get her attention. Click here for this word-for-word texting template so you can multiply your dates.

This is the only set of rules you’ll ever need on how to text girls.

I’ve done this for years and know how effective it is. A lot of guys use the three day rule because they’re worried about looking needy.

Tim suggested waiting until you have written that hit song before sending it in – you only get one shot, so make it count., Tim recommended writing a song every month for 12 months and then releasing an album.

He believes this is one of the best ways of getting your music spread on Spotify.

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However, thanks to Spotify, 1,000 listeners in the UK might also mean 1,000 listeners in Brazil, and Italy and Canada, and all of a sudden, although having a niche market, you can tap into every niche market around the world.Shows that aim to share new bands- such as the BBC Introducing team always try and listen to everything that gets sent in, after all they never know if they could be responsible for signing up the next Coldplay.However bands often send in too much material too often in the hope of being picked up.If you’re doing any of the following, it could be killing your chances to get a date: When you introduced yourself she may have felt butterflies, curiosity, been turned on, or she may have had no interest at all.

Whatever it was, that’s going to be the one thing that compels her to reply or not.

Getting her to reply and come out on a date often boils down to getting out of your own way.