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"DDP": Delivered Duty Paid, refers to Incoterms ICC 2000."Entry into service of an Aircraft": means date of the Aircraft delivery from Aircraft manufacturer to the first operator of the Aircraft. "Flying Hour" or "Flight Hour": hours per WATOG definition."Components Overhaul and Repair" means the parts, materials and labor necessary to overhaul, maintain and/or repair Component parts of an Aircraft."Consumable/Expendable" means a part or material, which is routinely used and/or discarded during the course of removal, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and inspection services (i.e."WORK PACKAGE" means the detailed statement of maintenance services to be performed on an aircraft and at a minimum shall include the tally sheets summarizing the work package, the specific job cards to be performed, applicable AD's/SB's, engineering orders and other applicable documents defining the services to be performed. Civilian Aviation Authorities of the country of registration.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EAS/JETBLUE AIRWAYS-1001 22 October 2001 4 AD Airworthiness Directives AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual AOG Aircraft On Ground APU Auxiliary Power Unit AWB Airway bill of lading C. CBO Cycles Between Overhaul CMM Component Maintenance Manual CR0 Cycles Remaining before Overhaul CSN Cycles Since New CSI Cycles Since Installation CSO Cycles Since Overhaul CWO Customer Work Order EO Engineering Order ETOPS Extended Range Twin Engines Operations FAA Federal Aviation Administration FAR Federal Aviation Regulations FH Flying Hour or Flight Hour FOD Foreign Object Damage IOD Internal Object Damage JAA Joint Aviation Authorities JAR Joint Airworthiness Requirements LDGS Landings LLP Life Limited Parts means a part, component or item which has reached its period of usability and must be replaced.LSN Landings Since New (same as CSN used for landing-gears) (M)MEL (Master) Minimum Equipment List.

Bell did not release the number of jobs that were cut."Airframe Check Support" means the parts, materials and labor necessary to carry out the airframe Check Maintenance Services on the Aircraft."Component" or "Equipment" means any component or any equipment part of an Aircraft.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGREEMENT BETWEEN JETBLUE AIRWAYS AND EADS AEROFRAME SERVICES, LLC FOR AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE AND MODIFICATION SERVICES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NUMBER: EAS/JETBLUE AIRWAYS-1001 ISSUE DATE: 22 October 2001 REVISION 1: 20 November 2001 This Agreement has been made by and between: Jet Blue Airways, (a Delaware Limited Liability Company), whose registered office is at: 80-02 Kew Gardens Kew Gardens, NY 11415 (hereinafter referred to as "JETBLUE AIRWAYS") and EADS AEROFRAME SERVICES, LLC (a Delaware Limited Liability Company) whose registered office is at: 1945 Merganser St.

Lake Charles, LA 70615 (hereinafter referred to as "EAS") Either or both of which may be hereinafter referred to as the "Parties" or individually as the "Party".Whereas, JETBLUE AIRWAYS, in connection with the maintenance and operation of Aircraft, requires EAS to perform Maintenance Checks and Modification support, which will be agreed upon between EAS and JETBLUE AIRWAYS in future Orders making reference to this Agreement.

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