Updating customer records

18-May-2017 15:40

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Addresses records are linked to particular customer record and there are not part of any other records.

Hence, I think any update happening on them should be reflected on customer record Hence, updated At field value needs to be updated with any update any customer address field or customer fields.

My intention is to get all customer data that has been updated in server after a particular time. I too didn't find a way to pull customers address which updated after a particular time nor I think we can run joins in API searches.

There needs a way to pull that customer any particular updated happen on them.

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Thanks Mike Hello, Christine here from the Shopify Guru team - thanks for reaching out!

To change your name, bring your: If your name has changed, we'll cancel your old card and give you a new Medicare number to use straight away. You can also view the details of your new card using your Medicare online account through my Gov or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

To change your date of birth, bring your: You’ll need to tell us in writing why you can’t attend a service centre.

If you have enabled Automatic Customer Numberings then there is no need to enter account number.

HTML Forms Data Loader can make this tedious task of creating customers easy.In Oracle EBS we have to Create Customers to record sales transactions.