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Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please - Click to REGISTER! Choose your new firmware file (or .fw) and click on the [Open] button. FULL_html Full Firmware version 3.2.13 Full Version 3.5.37 firmware for 1.8 LCD Firmware-T21 v3.3-1G FM (9.0.43 Full) If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us . ----------------------------------- WARNING: Always BACKUP the existing firmware of your player before attempting to update the firmware on your player. Full_html Full Merged 3.5.37 ( Upgrade from 3.535 to 3.5.37 ) T29_3.5.37 Full Version 9.0.43 for 1.8 LCD CTW500 This site is aimed at providing owners of unbranded or not so well known branded MP3/MP4 players (mainly manufactured in China) with more information on their players and resources to help make them get the most out of their MP3/MP4 players. This site aims to colllectively bring together resources, software, documentation and information on these players to share with others who have the same player. There is also an article called Phones integrated with MP3 players which you may find interesting. I know there are others out there too who has these players.Here is Step by Step Process for Updating Fw for ur mp3/mp4 players etc Now days Alot of them Present in market.. Updating your player with the wrong or incorrect firmware will result in a DEAD PLAYER and it not booting up at all! TW500html Its a basic Recommendation for All Chinese Phones/mp3 mp4 players out there ..

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My PMP player does not have an FM player But can I upgrade the Drivers to get the FM player(Radio)........ Can any One Tell about The Driver Where I Can Download Becouse FRm Pro Driver Is Not Use . I made no changes to it but a week later it refused to play ANYTHING. That includes photos, videos, MP3's, and even the games that were pre-installed on the unit. There is a reset button in the back of the player, no help.4- finally you get the FRM PRO program working, and now i 'm waiting for results. xhm 7678f what is the exact FRM PRO that i can use to re program my mp5 pllllllllllssssssssssssss help me? when i click on isp button then all process successful but last process says image file file not supported. Hola que tal mi pregunta es sobre un mp5 creo que es por que contiene camara con marca AIO NEW AUDIO SEGÚN LEÍ EL CHIP ES TOASHIBA 006739 9921KBK pero no consigo nada de nada ni el firmware si me pueden dar una mano se agradece mi correo es desde ya gracias My computer does not recognize my ipod device. Please let me know what will work on the Chinese copy of the ipod touch. After an unexpected self-restart,it become a silent device. Features are just standard MP3 with Image file of photo. who details which i have found on opening it are as follow: model: jxd 656 cam id : QR768B 20058 LCD ID: NT4SHY3624A 081109 SUNPLUS 3052A-HL171 0834 M187W27 FLASH: HYNIX KOR HY27UT088G2A TPCB 840A ELPDA SINGAPORE D4512816305 A75-9JF 0749XE02T BOARD ID: JXD206DD1 0813 I HAVE UPDATED MY FIRMWARE MANY TIMES BY CONNECTING WITH THE PC. ONE DAY WHEN I WAS UPDATING THE FIRMWARE BY PRESSING TE KEY COMBINATION IT WAS DETECTED BY MY PC.