Updating garmin 430w navdata

01-Oct-2016 13:34

You also need a revision service from Jeppesen for the coverage area of your choice.

I got those for my club from though you can get them directly from as well, or from pretty much any well equipped online pilot store.

Alternatively, find a buddy who subscribes and get his last update prior to him sending the card back, send your old one back - buy him copious beer, job done :ok: With the Skybound writer, you don't send the cards in the mail.

You download the new update and it gets written on the card, over the old one.

Eventually when you get the code you go back to the website, dig around to find the right link, enter your details and your code, wait some undefined number of hours (more than 2 in my case), then you can run the software to do the update. The Skybound data writer comes up on e Bay fairly often, though only goes for 20 quid less than a new one which you can get from I didn't realise you can buy the subscription elsewhere; I wish I'd known (though I do now have a freephone number for Jeppesen in the UK if anybody wants it).

The Skybound data writer comes up on e Bay fairly often, though only goes for 20 quid less than a new one which you can get from

In addition, many software updates also include AFMS and Pilot Guide updates. The main software gets updated through the right card slot (where your Terrain data card would go). I note however, that every time I did 430W updates, they pulled the box. Any A&P can do it - or you can do it and he checks and signs it off.

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They are retail labelled 40MB Sandisk cards but when plugged into a normal CF reader they show nothing; the filing system on them has been hacked to be invalid under windows. They sell an obsolete Sandisk CF writer for writing these cards; it contains a custom driver to make the card visible as a windows filing system, so the downloader can write to it.

I was lucky enough to have bought an aircraft earlier this year with a Garmin GNS 430 in it. The hundreds of pages tell me all about how to use it but not how to keep it up to date.

I assume it's via the data card but over the web to a special reader? Nothing came with it to my knowledge that allows the information, wherever the new databases get sent from, to be transferred to the unit.

It's likely that Honeywell bought a large number of these up front.

The KMD550 is an off the shelf Intel linear flash PCMCIA cartridge which could be copied with some special PC interface equipment but the cartridge is so expensive to buy it's not worth the hassle.

Since I didn't have a Jeppesen ID before, they had to request one for me, which caused a small hiccup to get started.