Updating ps3 1 5 to 1 6

27-Aug-2016 04:48

updating ps3 1 5 to 1 6-48

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Now everyone with a computer and some rudimentary technical skills (or this tutorial) can hack their Play Station 3 and run unsigned software with it. Homebrew (amateur) applications can be run from the Play Station, with virtually no restrictions.We’re talking about GBA emulators, FTP servers, video players with support for more codecs and, sadly, also piracy. – Jailbreaking your Play Station 3, even if you don’t use it for piracy, might be illegal in your country.Sony definitely doesn’t like it, and might ban you from the Play Station Network account if you aren’t careful.Jailbreaking is done by choice and your actions are your own responsibility, as are any repercussions..Otherwise, you’d best stop where you are and hope the homebrew scene catches up.A hard reset and short succession of the power button and eject button will boot your Play Station 3 in jailbroken mode, with the ability to install homebrew software.

The company behind the PSJailbreak got sued and shipping was stopped in its tracks, but a few samples had already been given out.

This open source version, called PSGroove, could be downloaded and programmed on a USB device for virtually no money, and worked the same as PSJailbreak, albeit with back-ups disabled in an effort to prevent piracy.