Updating wmi

05-Apr-2017 19:02

At line:1 char:15Aside from type casting, it can be used to specify strongly typed variables, particularly useful with arrays.Yes, Powershell is pretty good as inferring the type of variables based on the actual values, but just in case you want to limit script input.It works with Bit Locker to help protect user data and to ensure that a computer has not been tampered with while the system was offline.On computers that do not have a TPM version 1.2, you can still use Bit Locker to encrypt the Windows operating system drive.Poly Mon has stood the test of time and has served many of us well over the years, but we know that it needs a major rewrite to take advantage of newer technologies.But you can still get our most recent version here: Version 1.2.0 (VS2010) We aim to make some reasonable changes in the GUI in version 1.3.0 to eliminate some bugs and add a few enhancements to keep things fresh.The snap-in is available through the downloads area, but I recommend you check out this site also: Unlike Poly Mon it does not persist historical monitoring information and therefore does not require a database.

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Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

Returns True or False value indicating whether previous command ended with an error.