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Deletions of the tips of chromosomes are called terminal deletions.

Internal deletions, where a chromosome has broken, lost material, and rejoined, are called interstitial (in-ter-STIH-shul) deletions.

Each of these cells has one copy each of 23 chromosomes, all with a unique combination of mom's and dad's genes.

Sometimes chromosomes are incorrectly distributed into the egg or sperm cells during meiosis.

When monosomy or trisomy involves sex chromosomes, individuals usually survive and many are quite healthy.

Sometimes pieces of chromosomes are lost or rearranged during meiosis.

Before we look at how the process can go wrong, let's take a look at how cells normally get 46 chromosomes. That's half as many chromosomes as regular cells.

Types of translocations include reciprocal and Robertsonian.Homologous chromosomes have all of the same genes arranged in the same order, but with slight differences in the DNA sequences of the genes.

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