Validating copyrighted scales

31-Jul-2017 10:35

While clinical exams can provide useful information about objective disability indicators (e.g., mobility difficulties), it is widely acknowledged that important aspects of treatment impact can only be addressed by asking the patient directly.For example, fatigue, numbness, and cognitive difficulties can impact an individual’s ability to engage in work and other important activities of daily living and they are not always visible to the ‘objective’ observer.The CRIES Pain Scale is generally used for infants 6 months old and younger.The Mc Gill Pain Questionnaire consists of groupings of words that describe pain.In contrast, groups distinguished by patient adherence to disease-modifying therapies and ethnicity were relatively small.

A numerical rating is assigned to each face, of which there are 6 total.Its brevity, strong psychometric characteristics, and availability in many language translations render it useful in a number of clinical and research contexts.The development of the Performance Scales© was motivated by the need to have patient-reported indices of disability to provide assessment alternatives to the neurologic examination.It is recommended that future work include the entire measure, so that the whole-person impact of MS can be characterized and considered in MS outcome research.

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The use of patient-reported outcomes has become increasingly standard in multiple sclerosis (MS) clinical research and practice.

This tool has been used in a variety of settings and study designs internationally.

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