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Those with sharp eyes will see that the meteors radiate from the direction of the constellation Perseus. lauraaa: Will you be able to see the meteor shower from Worcester in the UK? The next chance of clear skies is Saturday night into Sunday morning. Bill: You'll see a few Perseids then, but the rate will be greatly diminished -- below 15 or so per hour. the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623Tom: I live in Slovakia, will be there good spot to see it? finalizer: Don't you know once again a cloudy night in the N. Bill: the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623Up_In_Canada: What is the best way to see the Perseids in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I live in New York and I just added a three car garage. Bill: After 10 p.m., but most before dawn around 3-4 a.m. James: Where should I look for the meteors from London? cgrayflorida: Can you tell us if we can record the meteor shower with a regular digital video camera? If not, what about using the night vision setting on the camera, would that help? mechanical_engineer: How fast do the meteors enter our atmosphere?More About Chat Expert Bill Cooke The head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, Dr. Paula: Who lives in the South Hemisphere will see the shower? We tried yesterday and only saw about 5 over 2 hours. Bill: You need to be able to expose for several seconds or minutes. I live in a town with a lot of bluffs would it be wise to get to a higher elevation for better viewing? david: During the meteor shower will the moon be visible? Bill: Perseids enter the atmosphere at 130,000 mph. the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623wishwithme: The next chance of clear skies here in the Northeast is Saturday night into Sunday morning. Bill: You'll see Perseids, but the rate will be greatly diminished.Bill: The Perseids have been known to damage a couple of satellites, but the Space Station is very well protected and the Perseids pose no threat to it.tonyphillips: Is this the best meteor shower of the year? My name is Angelica and it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with you!This year's Perseid meteor shower peaks on the night of Aug. I Live in Brazil and wonder when would the best time to see the shower would be... Bill: If you're in southern Brazil, head north and check out this blog post: the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623Tom: Now we have time, what time is the best to see the Perseids here? local time but you can start seeing Perseids within the hour. (Moderator Jason): We're still working on answering all the questions you've asked.12-13, and it promises to be one of the best displays of the year. Josh: If you have any tips for California/Bay Area viewing please do share! The sky needs to be dark -- a way to know is that if you can see all the stars in the Little Dipper, then it's about dark enough. Also, go outside and allow your eyes about 45 minutes to "dark adjust." placer86: I know this has probably been answered before, but when is the best time of night to see them tonight? If you haven't seen yours yet, give us a few minutes to get to all of your questions.Bill Cooke specializes in the meteoroid environment and its effects on space vehicles of all sorts. Bill: Try this link: the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623edgardog.morales: Good afternoon Bill!!! If your field of view is large enough, you may capture a meteor in the exposure. or to go to a darker area with less light pollution Bill: The important things are to have as few obstruction of your view of the sky as possible and minimize light pollution. Bill: No, the moon will set before Perseid activity gets started. aclassicaleducation: Hello Bill -- I am here with my 3 children and they want to know if we will be able to hear anything from the sky. brown: I am in Orlando, FL..it good to go out around midnight?While a graduate student at the University of Florida, he worked on instruments flying onboard balloons, the Space Shuttle, Giotto (European mission to Halley's Comet), and the Long Duration Exposure Facility. James: Will the meteor shower be visible from London tonight? andreinaaaa06: Hi my question is I will be able to see the peak of the meteors shower from the beach in Miami? Bill: Not with your ears, but you can listen to the live stream from Marshall and hear the meteors as they show up on our meteor radar. Paul_F: Why does the meteor rate increase as dawn approaches? Bill: You'll see a few then, better to go out closer to dawn.

Each year in August, the Earth passes through a cloud of the comet's debris. (Moderator Jason): We're working to get through all of the great questions you've already asked us. To submit your own question, please type it in the box at the bottom of the window and click the 'Ask' button on the right side of the box. Bill: You want to see as much sky as possible, so if your trees block a large amount of sky, I'd suggest going somewhere else. My local news ran a story about a Ohio man claiming to have been hit by a meteorite. Mar: Hi, i am from Venezuela and i want to know if here we will see the Perseid Metorer? the Skies/posts/post_1281630596623Ab Cast: In northeastern Brazil will be able to see the meteor storm with quality?But if you get really small, I suppose many millions pass by per day. :) (Meteoroids are out in space -- meteorites are on the ground, and there are very few of them because the meteoroids which become meteors when they burn in the atmosphere usually never make it to the ground.) Craig_Sheppard: At what altitude are most Perseids at when they burn up?

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