What are the arguments for and against dating agencies

03-Jul-2016 16:31

Crimes of violence that primarily affect women were treated less seriously than comparable crimes that primarily affect men.

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In most jurisdictions, given an honest and reasonable belief that one must kill one's kidnapper in order to effect one's escape from the threat of serious bodily harm, one is legally justified in doing so"No black letter law says that one can or cannot kill one's kidnapper while he is temporarily incapacitated, but the following scenario suggests that one could: If a woman has been abducted by A and B, who she honestly and reasonably believes intend to murder her, and A falls asleep while B is absent from the room, presumably she may kill the sleeping A as part of a plan of escape if she fears that A may otherwise awaken and prevent her from defending herself against the ambulatory B.In addition, battered women are aware of the tenuous nature of the protection available through the legal system.