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As the 9 pm start time approached, no one had arrived, and minutes later the spools of film started to roll to an empty venue.

Later in the night, a large crowd of strange-looking country folk appeared out of the forest, and silently assembled before the big screen.

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The team travel from Bangkok to track down the same spools of film used by the cinema company projection team to re-enact the ghostly night.Kamchanod forest is on a small island cut off by small waterways near the village of Wang Tong.The dense forest is reputed by most locals to be the underground kingdom of the mythical Phaya Naga (dragon).Good, bad and downright ugly are words that best describe many of the reviews that I read on Director Songsak Mongkolthong’s horror movie.

The plot involves a team of investigators who try to reconstruct the exact events of that spooky night in Udon Thani Province.

At four in the morning the outdoor theatre finished and the crowd disappeared just as suddenly as they had arrived.