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28-Jan-2017 17:47

Reporters have one goal, David Rosenbaum wrote, "to lure the president into committing a gaffe or divulging something he shouldn't." Whatever such slips may mean is actually a different issue than what they signify, which seems to be the feeble hope that a politician might, if inadvertently, say something true.

Given the vapidness that passes for political speech, it's easy to see how error becomes conflated with truth.

And (as in every surface-depth paradigm) the hidden thing is presumed to have truth value.

No doubt the quest to expose politicians also contains a certain ambivalence about power.

Thus Condi's dinner-party slip provided the opportunity to vent some antagonism at her, but for all the wrong reasons.

Bloggers ran the item alongside news photos of Bush embracing Rice; Condi was "wanting some hot monkey love from the Chimpanzee in Chief"; she'd probably better avoid Laura Bush for a while.

I was looking for ideas for the wedding of my cousin, and I found what seems to be a classic: the "souvenir sugars".

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As the wedding of my best friend was planned, I asked by email to her family and friends to send me a story, funny or touching, they had lived with here, and an associated picture. For my brother's wedding, we had organised a version of this TV game where the newly weds and their parents had to answer questions about the other one in the couple, to ensure they knew each other. A friend of us had organised a small party at his place, and we decided to make it bigger.

I sent all of it to a website that arranged them with a nice display and printed a book out of it. Most questions were kind, some a little more intrusive to tease them a bit in front of everyone. At around 3pm, I started receiving messages from a dating website: men where proposing me to have a drink, a diner, play tennis (? I directly remembered my conversation about my unwilled celibacy last night with my friend, that apparently took some pictures from my facebook and opened me an account. So we invited three friends that play music (guitar, portable piano and oboe) and went to his house for a little surprise concert. Now, I've planned a party at my house in three weeks, and he said he would me a surprise too, I wonder what.