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20-Aug-2017 03:48

And now they’re kind of looking at me in awe, like how are you pulling this off?But that pressure is going to be there [for me] regardless, not for people to like it, but just to do something that sticks artistically, that is legendary and feels grand.In 2015 Richard's sophomore album Blackheart peaked at number two on Billboard's Dance/Electronic charts.On November 18, 2016 Richard released the final installation to her album trilogy, REDEMPTION.

Being self-made, everything is [done] by ourselves, from your makeup to your hair, everything. I feel like color symbolizes so much more than oh, this is the album title. It’s self discovery more than anything…You probably had to work pretty hard to understand yourself after coming out of----a machine, a massive machine, manufactured.We were pretty much made on TV, and we were manufactured by numbers and that was it.

While just over 80 years ago, a Prince marrying a royal divorcée was enough to upend the royal succession, this time around, the prospect is much less controversial.… continue reading »

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"Alias" was a direct ripoff of this series, but it wasn't nearly as well done as Nikita.… continue reading »

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We thank Robin for reporting this vulnerability responsibly and we hope that no Cube Cart merchants are affected by this maliciously. This is a maintenance release with a couple of minor new features. Netsparker Audit Result Passed with no exploitable security issues found.… continue reading »

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