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One of the hardest scenes Barkin says she’s ever had to play was “this scene where I have to say to Mickey Rourke, I don’t know who I am, I have no sense of myself, I don’t know if I’m ugly or pretty” or what.It was a bare-all monologue, her face becoming a series of cloud formations. Barkin believes the director, Bruce Beresford, was locked into a limited mind-set in his study of Robert Duvall’s lanky denim loner, hot off the dusty trail. ”“Sort of like But I plan to go.”In the editing process, however, the women’s roles were compressed.Annabeth Gish, one of the most talented young actresses in America ( which starred Barkin, Jon Voight, and Jo Beth Williams.Barkin played an experienced babe who painted her toenails and softened her elbows with lemons.Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are being remembered by friends and family at a private memorial service being held at their Beverly Hills compound right now on Thursday (February 5).

“I love those few moments when I’m on a movie set acting. Anyone who tells you that making movies is not one of the three most boring things in the universe. know, it is.” Indeed, when the going gets tough, she doesn’t see why the tough shouldn’t get going.

Originally, the three women in this loner’s life—Barkin, Tess Harper, and Betty Buckley—all had equal roles. Abbreviated as her screen time was, Barkin managed to plant her feet and show punch. Pauline Kael observed, “She has something rare in a young actress: power.” Barkin also became known for planting her feet off-camera.

“And because none of us were very well known, there was like. Early on she got a reputation in the industry for being Excedrin Headache No. Barkin doesn’t deny she could give good migraine.“When I first started to make movies, I guess I had what one might call an attitude problem, though a lot of it was grounded in reality.

“Jon and Jo Beth and Ellen in particular sheltered me from the political things on the set.

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Looking back, I haven’t known anyone who’s been as influential to me as Ellen was. As her brother, George, puts it, “She went from Barbie dolls to men.”Complicating Barkin’s teen years was a crack she delayed correcting. Which must have only increased her self-consciousness.

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