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Priya completed her law studies LLB degree at Cambridge University (UK) graduating at the top of her class.

She is licensed to practice law in 3 different countries (presumably in the United States, Great Britain and India).

They try to sneak out, but Sheldon sees them and concludes they had sex and then he freaks out because he forgot to put on his noise canceling head-phones(that's why he was up all night).

Leonard returns Priya to the airport and instructs Sheldon to keep it secret.

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She goes to Toronto for a corporate merger and later helps set up a secondary derivatives market which would allow overseas car firms to hedge their investments against potential advancements in battery technology. In "The Irish Pub Formulation", Priya is passing through California and resumes relations with Leonard, sleeping with him in his apartment that night.

Sheldon further complicates the matter by concocting a crazy story involving an Irish bar maid.

When confronted about his night Leonard begins using Sheldon's story, but can't bring himself to say it. Raj is angry at first, but feels better after hearing of Priya's refusal from Leonard.

Koothrappali (mother)Rajesh Koothrappali (brother)3 Unnamed brothers Unnamed sister Three unnamed sisters-in-law (via her unnamed brothers)One unnamed brother-in-law (via her unnamed sister)Dalib (grandfather)Venkatesh Koothrappali (cousin) Priya Koothrappali is Raj's younger sister.

He offers to return home with her to India, but she isn't interested and can't take a white boy home to India.He blackmails Priya by threatening to expose their relationship to her parents.

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