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14-Nov-2016 06:52

He said that this time around, he's determined not to let his hands slip off the microphone that was once figuratively yanked from him.

He remembered the time he failed to prove himself in the small recording studio because he felt 'claustrophobic'.

The Heartbeat Project, founded by Ariel and co-founder Leerone Hakami, addresses the marginalization of arts education in disenfranchised communities.

The Heartbeat project will take place on the Navajo (Diné) Reservation in New Mexico, and is hosted by Navajo Technical University.

Maybe he isn't as famous as other male singers, but who says that he can't be a hero.

It is not because he ever saved someone's life, helped his country, made an invention, became a social worker, or other heroic action.

Wilber's willingness to try has inspired his fans, especially because he never gives up under any conditions, any barrier which prevent him from being success.

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But I didn't give up and I kept on improving myself to get this second chance,' he said.

The project will include community concerts, collaboration with Diné musicians, and a final performance showcasing the accomplishments of the students.