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06-Oct-2016 16:58

The remaining cases involved voyeurism, exhibitionism, and compulsive, self-destructive viewing of pornography.Eight-nine percent of the cases citing sexual behavior resulted in clearance denials.It can also be a Guideline E issue, because it is a misuse of an employer’s time and usually a violation of work rules.Sexual misconduct occurring in foreign countries or involving foreigners can increase susceptibility to foreign exploitation and therefore create additional security concerns under Guideline B: Foreign Influence.

However, when two or more criminal convictions exist, a conviction for soliciting prostitution can be a Guideline J: Criminal Conduct issue.Many of these issues did not surface during standard investigations for security clearances, but surfaced during polygraph examinations required as part of the processing for access eligibility for Sensitive Compartment Information (SCI).Guideline D: Sexual Behavior of the December 2009 Sexual behavior that involves a criminal offense, indicates a personality or emotional disorder, reflects lack of judgment or discretion, or which may subject the individual to undue influence or coercion, exploitation, or duress can raise questions about an individual’s reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified information.Under certain circumstances adultery in the military can also be a criminal offense.

Eliminating the potential for coercion usually requires disclosing the conduct to a spouse and possibly to others, such as an employer if a work associate is involved or the spouse of the other person.

This included sodomy, heterosexual promiscuity, wife-swapping, transvestism, transsexualism, and aberrant, deviant, or bizarre sexual conduct. When assessing sexual behavior, adjudicators must first consider whether the behavior is relevant to a security clearance determination before they consider whether it is true.

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